Most everyone knows the meaning of paparazzi. Some even know that it is plural for paparazzo. Our name came from the fact that at the time we began, we were the only ones in the Dallas Metroplex, maybe even the region, that did what we do that isn't a related focus on people. Rather we focused on various aspects of urban segments and we watched how quickly the copycats followed something new..

Freelance Photography


01/06/2002 – Present, Dallas, Texas  USA

  We cover a two-fold area.

   First, comes urban scenes.That's street photography,       architectural,nature and landscapes for fine arts and interior designers.

  Second: freelance editorial images for   newspapers,magazines and stock images for  advertising, marketing, web designers and bloggers.

  Both areas are listed with our agent and a few stock agencies. The editorial images are listed with the two largest and noted editorial image houses with combined coverage in the ballpark that is now well past 750 million images currently and growing. We enjoy the edit as much as the shoot and combined, it keeps us moving forward.

  There is one area that overlaps both editorial and urban. And we love that area very passionately. That area is air craft &trains mostly and some boats.

Also, passing up something unusually unique or naturally beautiful, will never be passed up if within sight (i.e. seasonal flowers,fall colors and bird migrations).

  Our images appear in print and

on websites around

the world as well as books,

album covers, mural and some skin covers. 

  Our wall hangings

are in conference

rooms, board rooms

and private homes in

major world markets and their quiet villages.

We are proud that those images

are sold

under our mother's name, Glendine's,

and are made of quality

materials and  craftmanship.


While you

can find some of those items

in links here, the curio items  are only

distributed through Zazzle, to the public-at -large

and shop owners for use

with their businesses and clients and customers

using the Zazzle general account. Then search

for sam6372 or

Glendine's Design Works to bring 

up our Zazzle stores where

we use our images on most of the Zazzle products, especially prints, wall hangings

and sports equipment. The abstracts

on skateboards is also using our images

to make those abstract designs.

We want you to enjoy our work

and encourage you

to visit us as often

as your time allows. The Metroplex is

growing at such a fast pace

we are more pressed for

time to shoot, edit, write and post

than at any time in the past decade. That's a sign of growth, but we weigh

the so-called trends with

a heavy heart because we

don't want to get lost

in just being a follower. We still

want to be the leader and focus

on the subject matter

that is worthwhile.