Love life. Be grateful for it always, And show your gratitude by not shying away from its challenges.Try alway to live a little bit beyond your capacities. You'll find that you never succeed.

~Arthur Gordon, The Gift of Adaptability,  in his book, A Touch of Wonder, Fleming H. Revell Company,1974, Old Tappan,New Jersey                                      

Did you know that the new technology of Geo Phone Sensors measure footsteps that equal fingerprinting? No footstep is like anyone else.

Look out Big Foot!

She Wore More Rings than Saturn

Community White Rock Lake

Ad Astra per Aspera

~~ to the stars through difficulties~~

It's finally outdoorsey time!

Deep Ellum finally has a Blues Alley after 100 years.

So You

Road Diet

arborglyphs--tree carvings

ranks right up there with the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.

Spook-a-licious foods

Telosa: Ancient Greek meaning, "highest purpose"

Cancel Culture same as Road Rage

The next generation is next in line to be crittized for their ideologies. And what they say today can get them cancelled in 10-years.

Snake in the Spice Isle

Off to the races and other light adventures.

Owen Coffin retweeted this to me.

From the tweeter account: God@The Tweet of God: "Will the owners of the blue planet between Venus and Mars please attend to your vehicle. It is overheating."

Boken: in photography that is the term used to indicate in-focus to defocused.

And Finally----

Aggie Land North is now, officially, Texas A&M new downtown research campus in Ft. Worth.

Dallas has their Dental School already!

 Echo's of an Open Mike

"The measure of anyone's freedom is what he can do without."

~~~L.M. Montgumary

 Official color of 2022: Evergreen fog

Linda Silver, Ed.D is the CEO of the Perot Museum

Change only has to be made in small amounts for it to pay big dividends.

Freelance Photography

Second Rule of Photography: The rule of Thirds.

    "And the day came when the risk to remain

         tight in a bud was more painful than the risk

            it took to bloom."  ~~~Ana├»s Nin, partner of Gore Vidal.

2022 is the Year of the Tiger in the Asian Culture.

"Patience is the ability to idle your motor when you feel like stripping your gears."~~Barbara Johnson

Don't Stand In The Rain Alone.

From the writer of Yellowstone about playing golf.

"I see that much grass I want to put cows on it"

For all you golfers as Summer begins to draw down to changing colors and cooler days, remember: There's  still time to Par-tee-on!!!

Hope is not a Stragety.

First rule of Photography:

Shoot what you like.

Cowboys on Tour

Denormalize in 2022.

What is a bandit in a bin? A raccoon in a dumpster.

no gas-no squeggie

  If there is no wind, there will be no wave.

~~~~Old Asian Proverb

2022 Things heard in the field

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Accurate Weather Forecasting

Stone is wet means it rained or is raining.

Stone is dry means it is not raining.

Stone casting shadow onto ground means it is sunny.

Stone white on top means it is snowing or has snowed.

Stone cannot be seen means it is foggy.

Stone swinging in its sling  means it is windy.

Stone jumping up and down in its sling means there is an earthquake.

Stone gone from sling means a tornado has already got the stone and you are next in its path!

Kites and falcons in Australia have been seen picking up burning twigs to spread wildfires and flush out prey. ~~Ferris Jabr, noted author reported from New Scientist way back in 2018. from ornithologist Bob Gosford.

DId you know that there is a North Pole, Alaska and a Santa Clause, Indiana?


King's College Cambridge Chapel , the 500 year old cathedral on campus, has both acoustically  top sound qualities and is a renowned venue architecturally.

Bob Jordon becomes Southwest Airlines CEO in February, taking over from Gary Kelly who took over from Herb Kelleher, founder.

Governor Abbot, who loves being a  Prosecute while being governor said in 2021 "Pretty Goofie".

"Stealing is not killing, but killing is definitely stealing" a Garland family commenting on their loss.

The camera always moves away from the action.

When angles are near, butterflies appear.

Full moons always rise around sunset and set around sunrise. While the frist quarter rises around noontime and sets around midnight according to

How does a  penguin build it's home? It  Igloos it together.

I don't buy Velcro anymore.It's a ripoff.